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Experience the Value of Flight Simulation

Learn to operate the avionics in your aircraft to enhance your safe and effective flight operations. At Simtech Aviation, we understand how difficult it is to get good flight training in Manhattan. The travel time from Manhattan to a local general aviation airport is long, and that means there is no easy access to the tools you need to learn, practice, and stay sharp using sophisticated and modern airplane avionics.

With Simtech Aviation you can expect:

A convenient location to save you time

A safe and comfortable learning environment

Experienced instructors with extensive knowledge in advanced avionics

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2 hour lesson with an FAA Certified Instructor, who is also an Airline Pilot. Come to our convenient Manhattan Location. Risk Free.

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How Are We Different?

Gaining and maintaining proficiency as a pilot can be an expensive and time-consuming experience. We are here to change that, allowing you to train and maintain your proficiency with an easily accessible, cost-effective program.

Updating your skills on systems like Garmin G1000 or Avidyne can be an incredibly tedious process. And simply watching videos or using such applications on occasion just isn't enough.

Our Aviation Training Devices and aviation training center in midtown Manhattan means you won’t have to drive out of the city for your training. By using our state-of-the-art flight simulator you take advantage of the efficiency of a training technique designed to help you master your flight skills and sharpen your expertise.

Less time sitting in your car, waiting in endless lines of traffic, and more time actually spent engaged in hands-on flight simulator training. So you get to save the actual airplane time for going places with family and friends.

All of our instructors are FAA-certified, ATP-rated airline pilots, and have each logged more than 1000 hours of instruction, as well as more than 2000 hours of flight time. But more importantly, we have real-world experience using advanced avionics on a daily basis. Modern airplanes are very automated. Without the proper training, you my lack the knowledge necessary to effectively pilot. Let us pass our years of experience and knowledge onto you.

Advanced Avionics Training in Manhattan

Using a simulator for advanced avionics is a good way to minimize your airplane training time. Allowing your instructor to focus more intently on teaching you how to use this type of sophisticated avionics, the simulator training experience offers an environment where we can emphasize and repeat procedures so that you can actually see them in action. And with Simtech Aviation’s highly skilled instructors, more efficient training means you’ll become more comfortable and proficient using these advanced avionics.

A simulator allows you to practice procedures in systems like the G1000 and Avidyne; such systems are not necessarily practical in real life. Our AATD G1000 is 99.8% accurate according to Max Trescott. This is important, as most other G1000 simulators lack in-depth features that make training more realistic.

The FAA is Behind Advanced Avionic Training

Even the FAA, in a final ruling, emphasized the value of experiencing different types of aircraft and avionics. We aren’t teaching you to fly, we are helping you learn procedures and become comfortable utilizing advanced avionics. We are giving you optimal exposure to systems that you need to know in order to be up to date, and most importantly, to safe when you fly.

The AATD we use at Simtech Aviation features many different types of aircrafts, from single engine to multi-engine turboprop. Our simulator thereby lets you experience the latest in Technology Advanced Aircraft.


What Our Fellow Pilots Have To Say About Us:

Julian and his team provide a time efficient way to pilot training right in Manhattan. Multiple locations, flight conditions, combined with Pilot Edge that is a “live” ATC is both highly effective and convenient. I highly recommend this training for any student pilot who wants to practice in Manhattan without the hassles of getting out to an airport. I have learned a lot from Julian which I am incorporating into my flight studies.

Garry H.

Julian was My flight instructor. I can not emphasize enough his level of expertise, professionalism and class. If anyone is lucky enough to do business with Julian you’ll find it a pleasure. I trust Julian with my life. Come to think of it I have. Many times. Easily 5 Stars plus

George M.

Julian is the ACE flight instructor. He is patient, passionate, and professional. The three most important things everyone need to master in flight and in life. Personally, Julian has been my flight instructor for almost 5 years. In between I have had some instruction from others, (simply because of scheduling issues) I must say the difference is night and day. If you don't believe me, give me a try, and you'll know I'm right.

David J.

Simtech Aviation is great to work with and very knowledgeable in this field. They are continually working on making the process of scheduling your simulator and instructor time as seamless as possible would definitely suggest you try them out.

David M.

Julian is compassionate and patient, and also very knowledgeable in aviation. It has been great to get to know him and learn from him.

Peter E.

We Are a Proud Members Of

NAFI National Association of Flight Instructors
SAFE Society of Aviation and Flight Educators
CAP Civil Air Patrol
EAA Experimental Aircraft Association
AOPA Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association

More flight training in less time - Instructors you can trust.

Private pilots can learn to use advanced avionics and thereby become an instrument pilot using a simulator. For pilots who already are instrument rated, by coming in once every two months, they can learn in-depth instrument procedures.

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Flexible Cancellation Policy

If you cancel at least 24 hrs prior to the lesson, we will refund you in full.

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We're Here To Help

We are here to help you:
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Not happy with your first lesson? Let us know within 48 hrs of the lesson date, and we’ll refund you what you paid for the Simulator and Instructor.

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