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Flight Simulator Instrument Training

Instrument Flight Training in New York City Using  a Certified Flight Simulator Alongside an Experienced Flight Instructor to Help Meet IFR Training Requirements

Experience the Value of IFR Training in a Flight Simulator

At Simtech Aviation, we understand how difficult it is to achieve your goal of earning your instrument flight rating. Accelerate your IFR flight training by eliminating the travel time from Manhattan to a NY or NJ training airport, and accomplish your instrument rating training goals faster, more efficiently and get the confidence of knowing what you need to do before you're in the air.

We are a group of instructors and many of us are Active Airline Pilots, willing to share our passion of aviation to help you make your dream of coming a pilot a reality.

With Simtech Aviation Flight Simulator Training, you can expect:

A convenient location to save you time

A safe and comfortable learning environment

Mentorship from experienced airline pilots

Here’s How It Works To Stay Active with Your Flight Training:

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How Are We Different?

Gaining and maintaining proficiency as a pilot can be an expensive and time-consuming experience. Why make it more expensive, and more time-consuming?

Our state of the art flight simulators and aviation training center in midtown Manhattan means you won’t have to drive out of the city as often for your training. While being able to credit up to 20 hours of aeronautical experience using our Aviation Training Device, and with our quality instructors, means you’ll spend more time mastering your instrument skills, and less time sitting in your car!

All of our instructors are FAA-certified, active airline pilots, and have each logged more than 1000 hours of instruction, and more than 2000 hours of flight time. Having an instructor who’s also an airline pilot means you get to learn how to fly under instrument conditions by an expert.

Our instructor’s experience will help you become a safer and more efficient pilot. And you’ll learn how to implement the procedures and techniques the pros use – skills that will aid you in real-life situations.

Instrument Flight Training in Manhattan

 Using a simulator while working on your instrument rating is a good way to supplement your aeronautical experience, as you can log up to 20 hours on a Advance Aviation Training Device. Allowing your instructor to focus more on teaching than on aircraft operation. And you can create training scenarios – like flying into thunderstorms – that couldn’t be accomplished safely in an aircraft and will challenge your pilot skills.

Practicing instrument jargon can be overwhelming. Learning on a simulator can provide a safer, more comfortable environment. And with a simulator, you’ll still experience a realistic flight experience, while using live air traffic control.

 Working in an IFR environment is part of our instructors DNA. And they can pass this intuitive knowledge onto you, teaching you a systematic approach to procedures that are both safe and efficient.

The FAA, in a final ruling, emphasized the value of experiencing different types of aircraft and avionics, along with a reduction in training time, cost, and environmental pollutants as a result of using a simulator. They also have stated that using a flight simulator can be useful because it better trains the pilot to focus on, and appropriately scan and interpret, their flight instruments.

You’ll better master your understanding of instrument procedures. And you’ll develop the types of skills that will not only help you pass your instrument rating practical test but may one day save your live.

 Each of our FAA certified instructors and airline pilots were in the same place that you are now – as a private pilot working on an instrument rating. Which is why we know better than anyone how invaluable guidance and mentorship can be. Let us share our knowledge and experience with you to make you a safer, more confident pilot. As a member at Simtech Aviation, you’ll get the professional guidance you need from aviation professionals who care.

What Our Fellow Pilots Have To Say About Us:

I've trained with Simtech Aviation on a few occasions - not just to stay IFR current, but also to be challenged and maintain proficiency. As an active airline pilot, Julian brings a wealth of experience and teaches the type of thinking pilots do on the flight deck of a commercial jet. Simtech Aviation/Julian is top notch instruction.

Jeremy M.

Maintaining proficiency not just currency should be the goal of any instrument rated pilot. Julián and his team provide one of the most time efficient ways to do so for Manhattan residents. The use of multiple situations across the country and in different flight conditions combined with Pilot Edge that creates live ATC interaction, is highly effective. Add Julian’s enthusiasm and knowledge transmission from his day job as United Express pilot and you have training that can’t be beat for any private pilot. I really recommend this training for any pilot looking to materially improve safety margins in their day to day live flying.

Mark Yale

Simtech Aviation is very accommodating when it comes to working around your schedule. The training is top notch, I find using the simulator for IFR currency is a great way to stay sharp while staying away from real danger. I strongly suggest giving Simtech Aviation a try!

Aaron D.

Training with Julian was very valuable. Much more efficient to practice IFR work in the sim rather than the airplane. Julian could pause the approaches to point out issues, recommend corrections, then I would go back to re-do just those phases that were giving me trouble. Unlike many instructors, Julian is an experienced, active airline pilot. I learned a lot from his real world experience!

David M.

We Are a Proud Member Of

NAFI National Association of Flight Instructors
SAFE Society of Aviation and Flight Educators
CAP Civil Air Patrol
EAA Experimental Aircraft Association
AOPA Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association

More flight training in less time, with instructors you can trust.

Even though the FAA only allows 20 hours to count toward your instrument rating aeronautical experience, there is still much to learn and practice, and much value to be gained in the areas of instrument procedures and advanced avionics. And once you pass your instrument rating, you can still come every two months to stay current.

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Flexible Cancellation Policy

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