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  1. Holding procedures and tasks.
  2. Six instrument approaches.
  3. Two unusual attitude recoveries while in a descending, Vne airspeed condition and two unusual attitude recoveries while in an ascending, stall speed condition.
  4. Interception and tracking courses through the use of navigational electronic systems.
  5. Sessions can be tailored to meet your specific needs or scenarios.

Driving to the airport and getting on a plane just to stay instrument current can be an expensive and time-consuming experience. Coordinating with a safety pilot or an instructor also takes added time. And after all that, you could experience busy airspace, which will prevent you from practicing and keeping your instrument skills sharp.

Our state of the art-flight-simulators and aviation training center in midtown Manhattan means you won’t have to drive out of the city as often to practice instrument approaches. You’ll spend more time challenging your skills for upcoming flights and staying legal, and less time sitting in your car!

All of our instructors are FAA-certified, ATP-rated active airline pilots, and have each logged more than 1000 hours of instruction, and more than 2000 hours of flight time. Having an instructor who’s also an airline pilot means you get to learn how to fly under instrument conditions by an expert.

Our instructor’s experience will help you become a safer and more efficient pilot. And you’ll learn how to implement the procedures and techniques the pros use – skills that will aid you in real-life situations.

Instrument Currency Training in Manhattan

Using a simulator is an excellent way to keep your instrument rating current. But in a sim, you can also fly different and challenging approaches, making every session an opportunity to learn and challenge your instrument skills, and not just check the boxes for your six standard approaches.

A simulator also creates a training environment that isn’t dependent on weather and air traffic conditions, which means no more missed lessons for reasons beyond your control. And it will help you keep your instrument skills sharp and up-to-date.

 A simulator allows you to challenge your pilot skills and stay active in an IFR environment safely and comfortably. You will still experience a real, live person at air traffic control, but using a sim enables your instructor to pause training, discuss particular scenarios, and provide instantaneous feedback, before resuming your session.  This extra layer of instruction – involving real-life scenarios in every session – will be good practice for your next instrument flight and help refine the types of real-world skills that may one day save your live.

Using a simulator also helps foster an environment where you can become comfortable practicing complex instrument procedures, managing workload during critical phases of flight, and working with advanced avionics and electronic flight bags (EFB).

Even the FAA, in a final ruling, emphasized the value of experiencing different types of aircraft and scenarios, along with a reduction in training time, cost, and environmental pollutants as a result of using a simulator.

Each of our FAA certified instructors and airline pilots were in the same place that you are now – keeping an instrument rating current. Which is why we know better than anyone how invaluable guidance and mentor-ship can be. As a member at Simtech Aviation, you’ll get the professional guidance you need from aviation professionals who care.

Experience the Value of Flight Simulation

At Simtech Aviation, we understand how difficult is it for pilots to keep their instrument skills active and still meet the legalities. The travel time from Manhattan to a local general aviation airport is long, and that means there is no easy access to the tools to keep your instrument skills sharp.

As an active instrument pilot, even if you get out to the airport, a busy airspace or inclement weather might still limit the approaches you need to stay legal.

Instrument Currency Session

Who is eligible: 

Instrument rated pilots that are current or within the 6-mo period after currency.  

What you will get: 

Instrument currency through the end of the 6nd calendar month following the month in which the session is completed.

During Your Lesson:

Experienced instructors will give you real-life scenarios.

Flexible Cancellation Policy

Get a full refund if you cancel through the website at least 24 hours before the lesson.

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Not happy with your first lesson? Let us know within 48hrs of the lesson date, and we’ll refund your what you paid for the Simulator and Instructor.

What Our Fellow Pilots Have To Day About Us:

I've trained with Simtech Aviation on a few occasions - not just to stay IFR current, but also to be challenged and maintain proficiency. As an active airline pilot, Julian brings a wealth of experience and teaches the type of thinking pilots do on the flight deck of a commercial jet. Simtech Aviation/Julian is top notch instruction.

Jeremy M.

Maintaining proficiency not just currency should be the goal of any instrument rated pilot. Julián and his team provide one of the most time efficient ways to do so for Manhattan residents. The use of multiple situations across the country and in different flight conditions combined with Pilot Edge that creates live ATC interaction, is highly effective. Add Julian’s enthusiasm and knowledge transmission from his day job as United Express pilot and you have training that can’t be beat for any private pilot. I really recommend this training for any pilot looking to materially improve safety margins in their day to day live flying.

Mark Yale

Simtech Aviation is very accommodating when it comes to working around your schedule. The training is top notch, I find using the simulator for IFR currency is a great way to stay sharp while staying away from real danger. I strongly suggest giving Simtech Aviation a try!

Aaron D.

Training with Julian was very valuable. Much more efficient to practice IFR work in the sim rather than the airplane. Julian could pause the approaches to point out issues, recommend corrections, then I would go back to re-do just those phases that were giving me trouble. Unlike many instructors, Julian is an experienced, active airline pilot. I learned a lot from his real world experience!

David M.

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More flight training in less time, with instructors you can trust.

Let’s face it, keeping your instrument currency by getting approaches in an airplane can be a time-consuming experience. At Simtech Aviation, we understand that you’d rather spend that time going places, and not just working just to stay instrument current. And the tips and tricks you’ll learn from our seasoned airline pilots will have a great impact on you becoming a better pilot.

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